Sunday, September 20, 2009

Staff Recommendations

Again, from that little bookstore in Hudson, the staff is in a tizzy over The Torrent, with fights breaking out in the Children's section, presided over by Kathy A. (a staunch supporter, as opposed to the Kathy A. in accounting, who is organizing a burning.) We've gotten a supportive comment from John A., somewhat of a poet himself, well-regarded in that corner of the world, but who unfortunately is still only a cashier.

A kind of ‘stereo’ effect enhances the experience. We are following him on one level and almost but not entirely missing him on another, a place where secrets remain secret—the ‘Republic of Dreams’ where ‘The Torrent’ presides.

--John A.

You say this story is about sex and violence and therefore isn’t worth considering because it uses content much less lots of content and all the middle-range bookstores and reviewers (which is all of them) say Milutis is a disgusting violent sadist. Well, you know nothing of The Torrent except how to eat your own hearts with envy, you don’t eat cunt, writing isn’t a viable phenomenon anymore.

--Kathy A. (in Children's, NOT the Kathy A. in accounting)

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