Monday, September 7, 2009

The Torrent is Already a Banned Book!

Leading news organizations--Google and MySpace--have already censored The Torrent, even before it has been released, by categorizing it as spam. If we are to let the algorithms be arbiters of literature, before it can even see the light of day, what is to be next? Now I know there is a difference between a promotional blog and an actual book, and it is only the former that has been thusly impeded . . . but wait, what in the last forty years of the history of everything has taught me to perceive this fine distinction between promotion and actual thing promoted? Well nothing. So I take it back. The book itself has been blotted from its rightful place in the shadow of the sun's falling on the obelisk which memorializes what we call "our contemporary moment."
Is it already dead? Perhaps, we all share in this fate.
Read it, if you can (On October 1.)
Because reading is un.

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  1. Joe:
    You are mahvelous and hilarious. How lucky we are to have you and Barack Obama.

    Your friend in PA: