Monday, September 28, 2009

Great Lenin's Ghost!

Russian pirates!
Doubts and Obscenities. "Electron is practically inexhaustible" V.I. Lenin ANARCHY IS LIFE by A.O.

I include the computer translation below, to outsource its decoding to our intelligence community, since it's obviously not The Torrent, let alone literature, but something mathematical, a secret code for a Russian space station or SEXPOL ORGONE BOMB.

Poisonous ice worms potter about for transparent <8 walls.
Play to me tropical Melody at parting, 0. (Me it is clear and close

concrete and a neon.) " Overflown by space and time "

on the screen.- In this up to us reach good

News. " On change of virtuality of absolute ornaments, ;a virtuality,

O surfaces. Shining at first sight, but, actually,

Teeming a microlife. Dirty unpredictability. = writes,

That Nothing unites an angel and Maria on fresco >, only

Improbable white wall,
O cracks. "

Jaw count, B & And I disappear. Beautiful table: x>5 a mirror, yellow roses. Practically five mornings. Has left from Houses of elements: in a shower the marble floor is filled in on
C by the water, broken Green glass on a floor, on corners on the sly burns down something. A smell soft Men. Inhabitants of a vault watch for pink Mexican Aerobics on the TV. Sperm follows from me. Ax, ah a fragile footpath of a step. I shiver fine Shiver, I am afraid to deafen all The desire.

&. As in <>

To it a head. Charm.

III. an opportunity to leave. O
geometry. It is war on Destruction. K: silence. The same

The same, only is quivering? That that skips at night, dies on light.

IV. 37 Tons. You and I represent 5 power structures, Keeping characteristic outlines of space and Time between a teeth
I - the form, through

Which, on Bukminestru Fuller, it is fated to pass

To 37 tons of vegetables & no less than other. >,But the fact - I continue to remind myself (as Minimum, during this moment). So, encouraged, I I shall try to ask a question.

A, metal mum.

1) " You sleep, you are borrowed? " - a call to a floor of the first of night. I am not borrowed, I Too I am nervous to sit down for work. Instead of it, at me the moment Blank of will, to a certain extent a panic: I lay on a back and I try somehow It will be fenced off from an importunate bright bulb. Between its light and mine Eyeballs float blood and visions.

" No, no. I today am useless and inactive. "

He is B.M.after its dismissals last string connected it 5 consciousness and forces of gravitation, have torn and have begun spasmes Continuous A
everyone > the phenomenon expands pupils and Speeds up breath. A step without I-Ching. Now it has tried to stop to smoke, has choked with inflow of energy and Has decided to surround itself for the evening with human bodies. We go to club. In the machine:

-th has decided to paint a floor on kitchen. All will be differently.

- In what color?

- " Deep Red "

I tell about A.A.Bogdanova, blood and " the Red Star "

2) In novel-Utopia 
>" the Red Star " the earthman is surprised

To fine appearance of martians. And martians to it tell, that it Result of an exchange of blood practised in their medicine between people in The purposes
and an exchange genetic a material." ....-
> if it so is simple, why our terrestrial medicine till now Does not use this means? In fact it knows blood transfusion A little B years if I am not mistaken. I do not know, can be eat any special organic conditions, Which at you deprive this means of its value. And there can be it Simply result of psychology dominating over you of individualism, Which so is deep B at you one person from another, that The idea on their vital merge is not accessible to your scientists almost... "


V. There where two-three, there

The sky burned as magnesium.

The sky was all in pink sparks of the coming sun

I between

" Fiber in a wheel, rotating the heavenly arch, shows

Itself limiting misfortune and limiting greatness.

Only when the person realizes itself similar

This fiber, again and again actuating

Cell-wheel when it ceases L, becomes

Possible rescue. " S.W.

The apokaliptical woman tramples legs on the sun and

The moon.

I fall asleep, I fall in depth bloody vegetative

The world, in desert.

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