Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rape of the URL!

sputter* sputter* but . . . that's my url! Somehow I was getting used to unauthorized pirates using my name to glorify their own makeshift approximations of The Torrent, but to claim ownership of joemilutis.blogspot.com . . . such a violation! Whoever you are, "no" does not mean "yes yes yes." And who is this guy, who doesn't even own a digital camera, like he had to take his photo with a daguerreotype? I bet all the kids made fun of you in school dragging around that daguerreotype . . . uh . . . maker. But maybe this picture is not really you. I think it may be Strong Bad's Mexican grandmother. Now I'm angry
Hunted Torrent: The Night of Deception by Joe Milutis, Translated by Danny Snelson

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  1. Dear Masked Foe:

    Please refrain from this name calling muckraking—pure libel, pure &simple. I simply saw a film by Sir Jean Rollin, a highly esteemed French filmmaker, &decided it my right, in fact, my *duty* to set the score straight, to restore the spirit of the original, to amend these wild excesses you are here spreading in our virtual commons.

    I see my domain name got your attention, and rightfully so: I've only returned to the internet after a long &fruitful absense in order to give the film the dialoge it so desperately desires.

    Rape you say? I say you asked for it.

    J. Henry Chunko